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Getflix Full VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides secure and private Internet access to all it’s users. Our Full VPN is a free, optional service for all paid Getflix subscribers. Some benefits of Getflix Full VPN include:

- All your Internet traffic gets encrypted through our global network
- Total freedom of internet browsing without leaving any footprints
- Hides your IP address
- Protects your data from hackers, governments, ISPs and other prying eyes
- Secure your computer on hotspot WiFi connections
- You can also access to streaming services from remote country locations
- There are NO LOGS kept in the network
- All connections come with UNLIMITED SPEED and BANDWIDTH

The best part is Getflix Full VPN supports any PC/Mac and Mobile Device operating system. - Also you can access VPN from any Internet connection; DSL, Cable, Satellite, 3G/4G, etc.

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